About us

Soundworks FM – on Lake Constance directly on the border to Germany and Switzerland. Working where other people go on holiday. We love it! 



Owner and CEO

Under the artist's name of Aaron Roterfeld he spends eight weeks in the German club charts' top 10. He is voted Newcomer of the Year and nominated for Amadeus Austrian Music Award. Under his real name of Marnus Flatz, the then radio presenter set up Soundworks FM as a recording studio in 1999, focussing very early on the development of music software. In 2001/02 he was responsible for designing the first software able to fully automize the music, jingles, announcements and introductions of radio station programme schedules. Today, this software has grown into one of the most modern multimedia infotainment services.

Chief developer

Wolfgang Gorbach is one of the most innovative APP developers in the multimedia sector. Over the last ten years, together with Marnus Flatz, he has developed important components for music and TV Apps, which are used today in the form of Fitness Radio, Shopping Infotain, Nightlife Composer and countless other applications in many different businesses and sectors.

Deputy CEO

Christian Burtscher has been working in development and production at Soundworks FM since 2008. After studying at the SAE (School Of Audio Engineering) in Berlin, he returned to his Vorarlberg roots at Lake Constance and today represents the interface between APP testing, development and everyday business operations.