Radio productions

As a recording studio, Soundworks FM specialises in language productions. This is where years of radio experience meet up with excellent sound technology. You want your commercial to be heard on the radio?


It’s not easy to pack what you do, make or sell into a 20 second commercial. It’s even harder, in a solid block of 15 commercials, to be the one that sticks in the listeners’ minds.


Owner Marnus Flatz and other Soundworks FM employees have worked on radio shows themselves for many years and know exactly what matters. On top of this, we also use the very latest technologies to get your production heard by the maximum number of people. Because it’s not just the idea, it’s what you do with it that counts!  


So, here are, in our humble opinion, the most important points for creating a successful radio commercial

1. The happy medium is boring

If you listen consciously to an advert block, one thing will strike you above all else: most productions simply lack courage. Without courage, potential customers will never remember you. That’s often easier said than done. After all, even the most courageous commercial should still be a perfect fit for your company and positive for your image. 

2. The voice is vital

People are emotional beings. For listeners, it’s not just what you say, but above all, how you say it. What police officers are taught at the police academy is all the more important for radio producers: whether you’re certain or not, always speak with complete conviction. Only gifted voice talents can apply techniques that make you sound convincing, authentic and, at the same time, friendly and likeable. This requires not only the talent of an outstanding voice, but also years of hard work. Be willing to pay a few euros more. Success or failure of your spot depends on your speaker. 

3. The production

In the field of mastering and compression, radio advertising is a law unto itself! Only with great experience and the right technology can a spot be mastered to make sure it comes across that decisive bit louder than the rest of the block.